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Asbestos Management Plan

When do I need an Asbestos Management Plan? We receive many calls from commercial property owners and/or tenants inquiring about the legislation governing the need for an Asbestos Management Plan to be completed in commercial properties. The summary of the … Read More

Soft Demolition Sunshine Coast Brisbane Queensland QAMS Safety

Soft Demolition

QAMS has included Soft Demolition as part of specialty. Soft demolition is where the demolition is done with out heavy machinery. This allows a more precise demolition and stops the dangerous break down of any Hazardous material. When demolishing Asbestos containing premises, it … Read More

Queensland Government asbestos website authority

New Queensland Government Asbestos website

On 1 January 2012, Workplace Health & Safety Queensland launched the new whole-of-government asbestos website. The website provides asbestos related information for tradespeople, asbestos removalists, home owners and renovators. The Queensland Government is responsible for the licensing of all A … Read More