Asbestos Fence removal

Asbestos fence removal

Asbestos Fence removal Asbestos fence removal can be a tricky job. How to tell if my fence is asbestos? It can be very difficult to tell whether your fence contains asbestos material by just looking at it. As a Guide, if your … Read More

Soft Demolition Sunshine Coast Brisbane Queensland QAMS Safety

Soft Demolition

QAMS has included Soft Demolition as part of specialty. Soft demolition is where the demolition is done with out heavy machinery. This allows a more precise demolition and stops the dangerous break down of any Hazardous material. When demolishing Asbestos containing premises, it … Read More

Telstra asbestos issues

Telstra Asbestos issues. FEDERAL Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten says  he’s sympathetic to the setting up of a fund for workers potentially exposed to  asbestos found in pipes and pits owned by Telstra.    Mr Shorten said the government … Read More

Asbestos on-the-spot fines

Asbestos on-the-spot fines are an Action worth looking at says Mark McCabe. ACT work safety commissioner Mark McCabe wants on-the-spot fines of up to $5,000 imposed on people caught removing asbestos illegally. Mr McCabe says there has been an increasing … Read More