Soft Demolition

an example of a soft demolition job

an example of a soft demolition job

QAMS has included Soft Demolition as part of specialty.

Soft demolition is where the demolition is done with out heavy machinery. This allows a more precise demolition and stops the dangerous break down of any Hazardous material. When demolishing Asbestos containing premises, it must be done in a way that no Asbestos gets broken down and released into the atmosphere, endangering workers and the public. To ensure this, a Soft demolition is the best choice. All Asbestos containing material is disposed of as per legislation, stopping any danger to the public as well as preventing any stop work on site.

At QAMS we offer a full professional soft demolition service to our clients. We work to your specifications, in conjunction with your project managers or consultants, providing you with practical solutions to removing all services, fabrics, fixtures, fittings, floors and ceilings allowing the return of the building to its original shell or total removal of the dwelling.


The advantages of soft demo are:

  • price competitive
  • Safer when dealing with hazardous material
  • Working within health and safety legislation
  • Any unknown material can be dealt with, with out stopping work
  • one company to do the whole job.

If you have any questions on soft demolition, pricing or how this could benefit you please contact us.