Site to be demolisheddemolition mill lane 2QAMS recently completed the demolition of two houses on Mill lane Nambour Queensland. These houses were found positive with asbestos and marked for demolition. QAMS were invited to demolish these properties due to our professionalism and expertise in Asbestos removal. Due to the cost involved in demolition and asbestos removal, it has been found to be a cheaper alternative to get QAMS to handle the whole project. This also allows the client the peace of mind that if any unknown asbestos should be found that QAMS can remove this at the time with no extra cost and still under work place health and safety legislation.This enables the client to save time and money. QAMS are able to provide full detailed scope of works with any project undertaken. These scope of works will entail all asbestos removal and work method statements. QAMS have a reputation of high quality of work and being invited to do a number of government and major contractor projects.

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