Asbestos fence removal

Asbestos fence removal

Asbestos Fence removal

Asbestos fence removal can be a tricky job.

How to tell if my fence is asbestos?

It can be very difficult to tell whether your fence contains asbestos material by just looking at it. As a Guide, if your fence was erected:

  • 1.Before the mid 1990s, it is likely that it would have materials containing asbestos. And if it was before the mid 1980s it is more highly likely.
  • 2.After 1990, it is highly unlikely it would have materials containing asbestos.
  • 4.If you are not sure that a material contains asbestos, play it safe and assume that it does.

An Asbestos fence is most likely to be made of Super six fencing and would look like the one pictured here. but there are other forms of Asbestos fencing and if in doubt always get it tested.

By calling QAMS we can send an asbestos expert to test the fence and recommended options. please contact us for a free no obligation assessment.