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Telstra asbestos pits a priority

Telstra asbestos pits priority. Workplace minister wants Telstra asbestos pits removal a priority. Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten asked the telco to report back on its capacity to identify all Telstra asbestos pits that contain asbestos and develop a program to prioritise … Read More

Telstra asbestos issues

Telstra Asbestos issues. FEDERAL Employment and Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten says  he’s sympathetic to the setting up of a fund for workers potentially exposed to  asbestos found in pipes and pits owned by Telstra.    Mr Shorten said the government … Read More

Asbestos on-the-spot fines

Asbestos on-the-spot fines are an Action worth looking at says Mark McCabe. ACT work safety commissioner Mark McCabe wants on-the-spot fines of up to $5,000 imposed on people caught removing asbestos illegally. Mr McCabe says there has been an increasing … Read More

Asbestos waste dumper

Asbestos waste dumper Dib Hanna dumped eight truckloads of waste at a site on Henry Lawson Drive at Picnic Point across Easter last year. The dumped waste cost $30,000 to clean up. The Land and Environment Court today found Hanna … Read More