Asbestos at home

Asbestos at home; When should I remove it?

Whether or not to remove your Asbestos at home or when the Asbestos Containing Material can be deemed safe, is an on ongoing dilemma for home owners.

The common questions are;

  • Is the removal of Asbestos at home an unnecessary cost?
  • Is the removal of Asbestos an investment worth making?

Of course the answer to the dilemma above depends solely on your own circumstances.

In many situations however, the answer to both questions is absolutely yes. There are many reasons to remove your Asbestos at home, even if in the immediate circumstance it is deemed safe.

Asbestos at home is not immune from the effects of external influence, and some influences happen without warning or notice.

There was an incident in Sydney recently, where a car smashed into a home. The state of the Asbestos in the house was altered. The damage resulted in exposing the Asbestos Containing Material, to not only the driver but also the home owners and the immediate environment.

This incident is an example of such an effect from an external and uncontrollable (to the home owner) event. See photo below and read full news article here. (Source:

Car crash into Home, Asbestos at home, Queensland asbestos management services, qams, sunshine coast, queensland, brisbane, gold coastOther eventsĀ of risk are events of nature, negligence by others, or issues caused by wear and tear or indeed neglect.

Ultimately all home owners and tenants of properties that have Asbestos Containing Materials should complete their own risk analysis identifying all possible risks.

The identified risks should include (but not be limited to) factors such as:

  • the property location and it’s exposure to outside influence;
  • the level of maintenance and upkeep;
  • what type of activities are normally carried on in the home; and
  • potential for exposure to the Asbestos at home, by non informed/aware third parties i.e. tradespeople.

It is common sense and of course subject to one’s budget, but the only way to be 100% safe and free of the risk of exposure to your Asbestos at home is to have the Asbestos Containing Material removed from the property by a fully accredited Asbestos Professional.

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