Asbestos at home

Asbestos at home; When should I remove it? Whether or not to remove your Asbestos at home or when the Asbestos Containing Material can be deemed safe, is an on ongoing dilemma for home owners. The common questions are; Is … Read More

Asbestos Danger Brisbane Sunshine Coast Queensland

Asbestos dangers in Renovations

Exposure to Asbestos Dangers as a result of home owners not protecting themselves adequately continues to be of major concern. We hear many anecdotal stories about owners that still do not understand the dangers that Asbestos presents. To highlight the … Read More

blue lamingtons

Blue Lamingtons Asbestos

Blue Lamingtons The Blue Lamingtons initiative is to help raise money for Asbestos Awareness. Malignant mesothelioma (MM) almost uniquely caused by asbestos exposure was seldom diagnosed until the 1960’s. When compared to other frequently diagnosed cancers such as breast cancer … Read More

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Telstra asbestos pits a priority

Telstra asbestos pits priority. Workplace minister wants Telstra asbestos pits removal a priority. Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten asked the telco to report back on its capacity to identify all Telstra asbestos pits that contain asbestos and develop a program to prioritise … Read More