Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing is a very important part of the asbestos identification process.

As touched upon elsewhere on our site (“What is asbestos“) asbestos is divided into two Classes A & B (Friable & non-Friable). Given the greater danger presented from class A Friable asbestos the requirements for safe removal are much more than that of Class B Bonded Asbestos. As you would therefore expect the costs relating tot he removal of A class asbestos are far greater.
Asbestos testing is a quick an easy way to confirm if your asbestos is considered A class or B class and can therefore save money in the removal process. If you know that the Asbestos Containing Material (“ACM”) only needs to be removed under B class asbestos removal conditions then the process should be much cheaper.

QAMS works with Queensland laboratories to ensure efficient and accurate testing of all asbestos samples.

How to get your asbestos testing done

We suggest using 1 of the 3 below methods should you want samples taken and testing undertaken:

  1. Take the sample yourself and deliver to a QAMS office.
  2. Take the sample yourself and post to QAMS.
  3. Ask one of our experienced staff to come to you and take the asbestos sample. Just call 1300 738 779.

To be sure that you are taking the sample safely when doing it yourself please feel free to ask our staff any questions.

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Asbestos fibers (SEM micrograph)