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Illegal Asbestos Waste Dumping

Illegal Asbestos Waste Dumping is reportedly a big problem in QLD, NSW, VIC & SA. Responsible Home Owners are needed to do their part to ensure Asbestos Removalists, Builders and Renovators offering cheaper than competitive prices, are not engaging in … Read More

Asbestos at home

Asbestos at home; When should I remove it? Whether or not to remove your Asbestos at home or when the Asbestos Containing Material can be deemed safe, is an on ongoing dilemma for home owners. The common questions are; Is … Read More

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Asbestos Management Plan

When do I need an Asbestos Management Plan? We receive many calls from commercial property owners and/or tenants inquiring about the legislation governing the need for an Asbestos Management Plan to be completed in commercial properties. The summary of the … Read More

Asbestos Danger Brisbane Sunshine Coast Queensland

Asbestos dangers in Renovations

Exposure to Asbestos Dangers as a result of home owners not protecting themselves adequately continues to be of major concern. We hear many anecdotal stories about owners that still do not understand the dangers that Asbestos presents. To highlight the … Read More

blue lamingtons

Blue Lamingtons Asbestos

Blue Lamingtons The Blue Lamingtons initiative is to help raise money for Asbestos Awareness. Malignant mesothelioma (MM) almost uniquely caused by asbestos exposure was seldom diagnosed until the 1960’s. When compared to other frequently diagnosed cancers such as breast cancer … Read More


QAMS recently completed the demolition of two houses on Mill lane Nambour Queensland. These houses were found positive with asbestos and marked for demolition. QAMS were invited to demolish these properties due to our professionalism and expertise in Asbestos removal. Due … Read More

Asbestos Fence removal

Asbestos fence removal

Asbestos Fence removal Asbestos fence removal can be a tricky job. How to tell if my fence is asbestos? It can be very difficult to tell whether your fence contains asbestos material by just looking at it. As a Guide, if your … Read More

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Soft Demolition

QAMS has included Soft Demolition as part of specialty. Soft demolition is where the demolition is done with out heavy machinery. This allows a more precise demolition and stops the dangerous break down of any Hazardous material. When demolishing Asbestos containing premises, it … Read More

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Asbestos report before home sales.

Asbestos report before home sales Workplace  Relations Minister Bill Shorten gave his personal backing to the  asbestos report before home sales alert strategy. He said one in every three homes built between 1945 and the mid-80s contain  asbestos, a mineral … Read More